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Equine Hydro-T
Equine Hydro-T uses

Sharon B. from Nebraska Using the Equine Hydro-T
Connie S. from Montana Using the Equine Hydro-T

Testimonial #1
Our Curlies love it....they get a wonderful massage and we rinse more dust and dirt off without using harsh's a winner {:> . (Angie G., Texas)

Testimonial #2
The Hydro-T saved a horse's life for me...   (Connie S., Montana)

Testimonial #3
I thought my horse might not like the Hydro-T for his bath but tried it and then took off his halter to do another horse, he came back multiple times and pushed my other horse out of the way to get more Hydro-T time, had to finally quit my arms got tired. My horses thank you!!!    (Sharon B., Nebraska)

Testimonial #4
Just have to share with you - My 2 year old filly wouldn't stand being sprayed with water. I used all sorts of nozzles but she would run circles, strike out or whatever to get away. I hooked up the hydro-t yesterday. She did 2 circles then stopped and stood relaxed for a complete shower. Then i used it my old gelding that is not normally impressed with a shower either and he stood quietly and enjoyed. Thanks Michael!  (Suzy Z., Nebraska)