What is a Hydro-T nozzle?
The Hydro-T is a nozzle that attaches to the end of any garden hose for bathing or cold water hosing as recommended by your veterinarian.

Is the Hydro-T better than a regular lawn and garden nozzle?
Yes! The Hydro-T provides pulsating water, similar to a shower massage.  A regular nozzle just sends out streams of water.

Is pulsating water better?
Pulsating water is better for both you and your horse. We all like massage and pulsating water provides a massage for your horse.  The pulsating water also provides the physical benefits of a massage.

Why a "massage" and not just cold/warm water?
A massage stimulates blood flow in a specific area to help with healing and pain relief.  Increased blood flow helps to increase healing.

Can I regulate the flow of water?
Yes.  Attached to each nozzle is a complimentary shut-off coupling. You simply turn your hose on full at the faucet and then regulate the amount of water that comes through the nozzle with the shut-off coupling.

Will the nozzle scare my horse?
We recommend that you have the shut-off in the "off" position when you turn your faucet on.  Then simple turn the shut-off coupling on slowly to allow a gentle flow of water.  Always begin on the horse's front lower legs and continue up to the body while they are getting used to the flow.

Can I turn the nozzle on with full pressure after they are comfortable?
We recommend always using a gentle flow on the head, with a gradual increase down the neck to the body. Your horse will tell you when he or she feels comfortable and with what amount of flow of water they feel comfortable.

My horse's legs have swelling after riding. Will this nozzle help relieve the swelling?
The Hydro-T was developed by a veterinarian for just such a problem. We have always recommended cold water hosing to reduce swelling and inflammation. The Hydro-T is a wonderful improvement on cold water hosing. The pulsating water of the Hydro-T stimulates blood flow into those areas of injury, to greatly reduce swelling and enhance healing. We recommend 20 minutes, two times per day to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Can I use the nozzle for cuts and open wounds?
Absolutely! Our wound care studies have shown that the even massage of the pulsating water stimulates blood flow and increases the oxygenation of the wound for a more rapid and even healing of the wound surface.

Can I use the Hydro-T for bathing my horse?
The Hydro-T is a must for bathing. The larger droplets are not painful to our horses. Regular garden sprayers send out narrow, needlelike streams of water, causing many of our horses to dislike bathing.

Is the Hydro-T nozzle sturdy for "around the barn" use?
Yes! The Hydro-T is made from high impact nylon. This extremely tough material will withstand your horses stepping on it or your trucks running over it in the yard.  The Equine Hydro-T comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the material and on the pulsating performance! (Shut-off coupling not included in the warranty).

Can I use the Hydro-T for bathing my young horses?
The Hydro-T is the best nozzle for bathing young horses. Because the droplets are large, the flow of water is not painful. Most of the time this is what makes our horses dislike bathing and frightens them. The pulsating, massaging water is also extremely soothing, and many horses will simply drop their heads down to indicate their comfort and pleasure.

What is a Hydro-T 1 year warranty?
The Hydro-T has a 1 year warranty that applies to all parts and operation of the Equine Hydro-T with the exception of the shut-off valve.  The shut-off valve is not covered under warranty and is the responsibility of the owner to replace as necessary.  The warranty does not cover sun and water damage.  The screen must be left in place or the warranty is void.  For the warranty to be applied, the Equine Hydro-T must be returned for inspection (cost of return is the responsibility of the purchaser) and a replacement will be sent out once it is determined that the Equine Hydro-T does not work.  Contact us at and we can work with you to get a replacement.

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